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It is a Company names Albert VaLentino Inc. This company founded by Hunter Zombie999 and started on Sunday, July 26, 2015. Please be active in this company and we always accepted new members. In this wiki you can make games, characters, mini-games, items, and etc. from other games, animated series, or even movies! We now have a whopping 21 ideas in our wiki and 478 contributions have been made.


Before create or edit a page in Albert VaLentino Inc. please read this rules:

  • Be friendly and don't be rude.
  • Please create an account to recognize your work accordingly, and to see if you do good things rather than spamming.
  • Please put picture if possible. Drawings works too, or just request other people that know how to edit photos to make your photo.
  • Ask permission before creating a new version of a user's existing character, area, etc.
  • Please speak English at all times. We can communicate easily if we would.
  • No swearing.
  • Don't troll and/or flame.
  • Don't spam and/or vandalize.

Main Article, A RULES

Page to Visit
  • AVL Shop - a place to buy something or sell your creations!
  • A Channel - a tv channel that made by our Wikia!
  • AVL Picture Adoption Center - a place to adopt a pictures!
  • AVL Name Adoption - a place to get name for your creations when you low on ideas!
  • AVL Bank - a place to see and save your ACoins!
  • AVL Auction Center - a place auctioning off your creations!
  • AVL Template List - list of all templates we've made!
  • AVL Gallery - a place to get pictures for your creations/games!


These are the users with different rights in this wiki. They have different abilities using their rights. They also have corresponding color codes. If the user has more than one right, the higher or highest ranking right is used for the color.

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Now when you has been read the rules lets we making an article

When you create a new page, please do not use a random title like "1391918aaa18" or other random titles or else you will be blocked.

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Naren3000 is our new Featured User of the month. Naren was the first member of Albert VaLentino Inc. He is the first admin in our wiki and he was the only active user in this Wikia. He made some awesome page and helping us build this Wikia!

More about him see his user page

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WARS is our Featured Article of the Year. WARS is a game made by Albert Valentino and develop by Divide 3000 Games Inc. Albert VaLentino Inc. and DJ Games Inc. This is was the roleplay, tower defense, adventures, and simulator game. In this game will featuring some characters and buildings from other games, animated series, and even movies!!!

More info see, WARS

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