Name Image Health Attacks Speed Defense Special Description
Exclusive from Divide 3000 Games
Big Baddy 390 Pound and Mask Hungry Solid Cannot be attacked on it's body. Added by Albert Valentino
Prickle (Cactus) 210 Spike Up and Dodge Fast Protected
Prackle (Cactus) Spike Up and Dodge Fast Protected
Donkey Kong
Sonic the Hedgehog
Pink Panther
Diddy Kong
Fling Shot
Fling Ball
Exclusive from AVL Inc.
Hellhound 11 Scratch
Speedy Average (1) Fast Fast scout with bite attack. Can leap towards his target.
Axemaster 8 Throw Axe Basic Average (0) Nothing Specializes at throwing axe at his target.
Super Mario
Goomba 2 Headbonk Basic Average (0) Nothing The underling of underlings. No other distinguishing characteristics.
Paragoomba 3
2 (Goomba)
1 (Parachute)
Headbonk Basic Average (0) Drops in past defenses A Goomba with parachute. Always comes from the air for surprise attacks.
Winged Goomba 4
2 (Goomba)
1 (Wings x2)
Headbonk Basic Average (0) Flying A Goomba with wings. Can't reach it with a hammer while it's in the air, but once it's damaged, its wings get clipped. It's kind of sad really.
Koopa Troopa 4 Shell Toss Basic Average (1) Hide in a shell Koopa Troopas have been around forever. Jump on them to flip them over and drop their defense to 0.
Koopa Paratroopa 6
4 (Koopa Troopa)
2 (Wings x2)
Shelltoss Basic Average (1) Flying A Koopa Troopa with wings that stays airborne until you stomp on it and send it plunging to the ground.

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